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    In today’s digitized world plenty of businesses have shifted their bases online. As a result, there is a plethora of content available at the consumer’s fingertips, now more than ever before!

    However, creative content is incredibly hard to find. Want your content to stand out from the crowd?

    Here are 10 ways to give your business content an added edge.

  1. An eye-catching image with a tagline -
  2. A tagline is the first thing that people notice about a brand. Having a catchy tagline generates intrigue among readers and attracts them to your content. But it is also true what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Having relevant visual and creative images in your content can definitely generate interest among the readers which justifies the caption/tagline.

  3. Use proper grammar and punctuation -
  4. Usage of proper grammar and punctuation is key in creating a good article. Good punctuation gives a proper structure to your content and makes your content look more legitimate and professional.

  5. Always provide correct research -
  6. Although it is tempting to do half-hearted research and churn out tonnes of content, limited but thoroughly researched and accurate content will always take preference over copious amounts of unresearched and inaccurate content.

  7. Provide well structured easy-to-read content -
  8. Want to attract more readers? Numbers and bullet points are your best friends. They divide large paragraphs into smaller bits and make content much easier to read and understand.

  9. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!
  10. It is very tempting to produce content without thoroughly checking it. However, spelling errors can drop the legitimacy of your content significantly. Always proofread your content at least twice before turning it in.

  11. Pick a unique, creative and relatable topic -
  12. To stand out from the crowd it is necessary to go against it. Pick an uncommon topic and have your own unique voice on that particular topic. Having a unique voice will definitely give you an edge. But keep your topics relevant and relatable. Make sure there exists a problem before addressing it.

  13. Using different writing techniques -
  14. Writing styles naturally differ from blog to blog. In order to master writing you must be adaptable and change writing styles. Reading and practising journaling every day is the best method to develop your writing skills.

  15. Learning SEO techniques -
  16. Getting your website or blog at the top of the search results is an enormous achievement. It helps attract more traffic and will naturally attract a lot more interest.

  17. Use simple language -
  18. Using difficult words doesn’t necessarily make your content attractive. Writing short simple and engaging sentences can catch a reader's attention much better than a piece that uses high-level vocabulary.

  19. Avoid using unnecessarily wordy sentences -
  20. Wordy, run-on sentences make content difficult to read. Proper structure and short sentences are key in catching the reader’s attention.

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