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To make the process of training new employees faster & more efficient and cut down time spent on training.


Amphenol IMS Division has hundreds of people working on their assembly lines and on different technical processes. There are 300+ different processes.

Senior members had to instruct the new recruits or the ones who had doubts regarding a process. There are work instruction sheets at every workstation but still seniors need to get involved in order to demonstrate a particular process in person.

This led to a loss in production time and unnecessary waste of time in repetitive tasks.


Amphenol & Antriksh jointly came up with the solution to create informational videos for their various processes.

Each process was shot by our crew on their premises in detail.

Each video was dubbed & subtitled in English & Marathi(the local language familiar to the majority of the workforce) which was then kept for reference for the operators.

Whenever in doubt about a process, every member can simply refer to the informational video.


30-40% reduction in the time spent on training.

Faster & instant resolution of doubts regarding the technical processes.

Increase in productivity in the operations.


We are covering more and more processes in the form of training videos and look forward to an amazing journey with Amphenol thereby increasing the operation productivity of Amphenol in the long run.

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Note : The processes we work on for Amphenol are strictly confidential. No part of the video is publicly uploaded by us. Amphenol is an industry leader and one of the world’s leading manufacturers -