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Why do you need a content strategy for your brand?

Consider the following scenarios - glancing at the billboards while commuting, browsing through a website, stalking your favourite actor on Instagram, researching on Google about some ‘how to’ question that bugs you, reading an amazing column on food recipes in a newspaper or even just perusing the stuff printed on your nutella jar. While being engaged in all such actions you are doing the one thing that drives the curious insightful side of our brain - consuming content!

We often mistake thinking of the word ‘content’ in the context of textual content. Well, it is important to understand that the term ‘content’ has a wide range of attributes existing in various forms. A renowned dictionary has defined content as ‘the essence of a communicated message or discourse, as comprehended or received by its intended audience’. It is an apt definition because it talks about two important things - communication and audience. Brands no longer want to use ‘in-your-face’ marketing tactics to seek their audiences’ attention. Instead, brands are trying to develop meaningful communication with their audience.

To serve this purpose, brands today have assumed the role of content publishers. Be it through their digital ads, billboards, print ads or blogs, all they are doing is creating and publishing some form of content with the motive of informing, entertaining, educating and offering utility to its audience. With that being said, we can now comprehend the importance of content and its pivotal part in advertising. Content is the foundation and the basic building block of any human communication.

In advertising, even paid media campaigns largely depend on content. As the nature of modern marketing and the consumer behavior has evolved to become more complex & insightful, it’s never been more important to create a viable content strategy. The consumer must feel that he is in a position of power and gets to decide what he wants rather than brands trying to bombard him with their advertisements.

Content advertising, thus, is a strategic approach focused on creating and promoting valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience to ultimately drive profitable consumer action.

Real-time advertising has become a challenge for organizations. It is important for brands to offer their audience relevance and direction as news breaks and events happen around the world. Once this challenge is overcome, the brand is perceived as being at the forefront of the minds of its audience. The golden opportunity for brands lies in providing information in a way that it ensures entertainment for the consumers. Consumers appreciate when a brand shows honesty and takes efforts in educating rather than selling more products/services.

Let’s take a look at how good content can do wonders for any business:

1)Content educates the audience

Brands can convey their message to its audience through thoughtfully-tailored content. Visual content such as videos and designs gives an extra edge to customer interaction. When potential customers consume your content, an opinion of your brand is naturally developed in their minds. If that content is captivating & valuable in some kind, they start to think the same thing about your products/services.

2)Brand image

It is important to make your potential customers aware of your brand’s existence through a strategy that differentiates your brand from the competitors. The content you create and promote through various mediums will help the consumer in some way or at least it will entertain the consumer.

3)Customer Relationship

Meaningful content helps your brand build trust and better relationships with your audience. It also allows you to establish your image as thought leaders in your field, respond to customer questions and reinforce brand loyalty.

4) Discoverability

All of the social media is content. People like a post you have uploaded, they will share it with other people they know. In the fierce battle for digital rankings, a constant flow of relevant content is the only way your brand will stand a chance. Not having a content strategy will make your website practically dead. Content boosts SEO rankings. Content that is well-optimised for search engines, aids people to discover a business online.

Intent vs impact:

Your intent, the way in which your brand is communicating with your audience must be clear enough to help you achieve your desired goals, the impact. The theory suggests that the lesser the gap between intent and the impact, the more effective is the communication.

We at Antriksh help you reduce this gap by creating content that stands out, makes the audience think about your brand long after they have seen your ad thus deliberately building a positive brand image.

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