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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Have you ever wondered how a potential customer decides if your website is good enough to choose you as their service provider?

This is where the concept of CRO comes into the picture. Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is the process of enhancing or aptly optimizing your website to increase the virtual footfall on your website and, ultimately, the number of leads you generate.

SEO is an all-time hot topic that keeps stealing the limelight on the internet. But what if your website’s SEO game is top-notch, yet the conversion rate is poor?

A potential client might visit your website and find it unappealing or less interactive, redirecting their inclination towards your competitors. In this blog, let’s learn what the underdog factor CRO is and how to incorporate it into your website for a substantial rise in your inbound traffic.

As mentioned earlier, the act of optimizing your website content to increase client conversion is CRO.

A well-structured CRO strategy enhances the quality and speed of your website. It assists your company in increasing revenue without the need for hefty long-term investments and gaining new insights into customer & visitor behavior.

Numerous factors like interactiveness and a uniform brand color identity across the website contribute to CRO. However, a significant issue that flags many websites is the time taken for a website to load.

Here are a few tactics to follow to decrease website loading time:

With the evidently increasing competition, merely having a website is not enough. Your website needs to be engaging and load in a mere seconds. It should be able to define your end goals, and add value in a client’s life.

As per a research from Unbounce, 70 percent of website visitors admit that a slow load time reduces their purchasing chance. Among these, 32.3 percent also said that they were willing to wait for only four seconds for the page to load.

a. Optimizing images and videos: Since photos and videos use a significant amount of a webpage’s total size, they need to be optimized skillfully. Ensure that the pictures are stored & uploaded in a compressed format wherever possible. Also, if using JPEGs is a viable option, do it.

b. Using a caching page speed plugin: Page caching is a way to help enhance a webpage’s loading time. Cached pages serve as static HTML versions of a page to avoid time-consuming queries about the website’s database.

c. Cached webpage: A cached webpage loads rapidly by decreasing server load by approximately 80%. WordPress users can easily install W3 Total Cache for page caching for their website.

d. Additionally, a robust page speed solution for WordPress websites can be WP Rocket. It optimizes the website speed and provides a series of other optimization methods like enabling browser caching, lazy-loading images and videos, integrating files, optimizing databases, and others.

e. Upgrading web hosting package: A web hosting package significantly impacts a website’s loading time, which may be positive or negative, specifically for larger, more resource-intensive websites and sites with heavy traffic. Having an inexpensive or shared hosting platform is tempting. However, subscribing to a high-performing VPS, dedicated, or managed platform makes more sense. Such packages leverage faster technology stacks and feature dedicated resources.

Other proven techniques for a better CRO are minimizing HTTP requests, enabling Gzip compression, using a CDN (Content Delivery Network), and configuring server settings.

Having a sophisticated, fast, and presentable website increases your chance of converting a potential client into a full-time client.

But before implementing your CRO strategy, you need a website for your business. What if we say we can develop a website for your company while integrating all the mentioned CRO-enhancing features?

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