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Marketing in the new normal

    ‘The ones that adapted were the ones that survived’ was presumably the ultimate tagline for 2020. Wuhan-originated COVID-19 turned into a pandemic and since then, the world has been facing its repercussions. Several things witnessed a drastic change and the world has observed a ‘new normal’ way of living from 2020. In a year where even the most leery things witnessed a miraculous transition, the marketing sector was compelled to go through a dire yet crafty revolution as well. 

    Prior to 2020, digital presence was like a ‘bits and pieces’ topic for everyone. However, due to the immense pressure of surviving in the industry and keeping up with the fast-paced world, the number observed a dramatic surge. According to the NCBI, internet services witnessed a whooping hike from 40% to 100% in comparison with pre-lockdown periods. Additionally, video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom observed a 10x increase in its usage.

    Although it seems all hunky-dory when we think from the perspective of growth, a subtle rise in the internet traffic has its consequences too. Increased online frauds, hackers creating havoc, growing health issues are just some factors predominantly prevalent and known to all. Believe it or not, the pandemic drove people online for almost all kinds of activities which further transformed into a necessity. 

    In the present times, the necessity has changed into an addiction and almost every second person in the world leverages a smartphone for daily chores. All-in-all, being online has become a part of surviving. In addition, the increased access to all kinds of information, data redundancy has resulted in a heavy mistrust among the mass audience. 

    Marketing department is not an exception to this either. Rapidly transforming digital sector has crippled the content delivery of advertising firms. Owing to this, content duplication and irrelevance have paved their way in the sector. 

    Taking for instance, the professional networking platform, LinkedIn has lost its original essence to some extent. A site that defines your professional identity is being layered up by the content which is not exactly needed or relevant. Immense efforts are being taken towards elevating traction on the platform. Deliberately adding up more angles to a perspective just for the sake of expansion is degrading the value of the platform. A lot of agencies won’t exactly stand up to their commitments that they provide on such platforms.

    Therefore, one needs to sail through these waters carefully and take careful decisions.   

    A world where information travels faster than light, all stakes lie on creativity. Post-lockdown advertising sector is solely built on the base of innovation and efforts. However, even in this environment ‘Being You’ is crucial. Ensuring that you stay firm on your beliefs and don’t spread irrelevant or redundant content on the internet is vital. 

    Individually, instead of using heavy words and messing up, use simple words that everyone can understand. Heavy words create irrelevance. Instead of getting a FOMO for your own brand, generate honest, innovative and informative content for everyone. Such practices will help you attract potential clients. Additionally, not sharing a post with a similar idea would suffice instead of sharing it twice.  

    From a company perspective, where relationships mattered in the marketing industry, relationships are now the thing that matter the most with clients. It was crucial to have good relationships in the past, however the post-lockdown period has surged its importance. With the ever-growing advent of COVID-19 and increasing personal space, the rapport that you build with your client is all that will work in the business along with a genuine online presence. 

    A new phenomenon called overcommunication has also emerged as a product of the pandemic. Over-communicating with a client about a project might degrade your value in terms of their perception of your ability which makes it harmful. However, on an internal level in a company, talking about ideas in an open discussion helps the team members of an organisation to churn out better results for an overall company marketing strategy. 

    Over the past 2 years, we understood why marketing has become mandatory, and in the near future, it will be at the forefront of expansion. Number of SMEs approaching digital marketing and advertising firms is witnessing exponential growth and is forecasted to increase in the near future. However, only the agencies that deliver thoughtful and sincere content will survive this transformation wave. Hence it is important to choose your brand’s strategy and your agency carefully. 

    Being prepared for a new dawn that’s right around the corner will certainly take you a long way in your specific industry.

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