Landing on Antriksh

Sapra Group


To capture the visual feel of their properties & boost conversions through promotional activities


Majority of sales activities were being done through in-person meetings and walk-ins at the offices of Sapra Group.

The use of 3D-rendered images of the concept of the flats/property existed but it didn’t feel convincing enough for the customers and they delayed their decision till they saw more floors being built.

Sapra Group wanted to showcase their sample flat in a cinematic way in order to further drive the selling factor for their potential customers visiting their office or seeing the video online.


Antriksh conducted a detailed research of all the amenities, features, merits and wow factors of the new project of Sapra Group.

Based on the data collected, we prepared a narrative script in terms of the visual flow.

We took extensive video shots of the exterior, interior and aerial shots of their project in order to capture the complete essence of their establishment.

Finally we came out with a fine-tuned cinematic showcase video for them which in turn helped them turn heads towards their project along with helping Sapra Group document the complete visual gist of their project.


Sapra Group is one of the leading builders in the state and have a knack for developing landmark-style projects. Sapra Group continues to build on their legacy of decades by adopting more of such modernistic & cinematic promotional video solutions in order to provide their customers the best.

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