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Video Creation

Videos contribute to the majority of the visual content being consumed worldwide. Video marketing is the most appealing and engaging form of communication to reach out to your potential audience. Want us to shoot a well-planned live-action video at your location or create some compelling motion graphics videos or maybe your social media needs a monthly creative boost ? Be it any kind or format of video, our team is always ready to launch your visual message with finesse!

Videos comprise the majority of the visual content being consumed worldwide. Video marketing is the most engaging form of communication to reach out to people. Be it live-action, motion graphics, green-screen, screencast, typography, 2D/3D animation, photo montage, etc. we are always ready to launch your visual message with finesse!

Which type of video should you go for?
Suitable for corporate profile, a memorable scripted ad video of your product/service, capturing testimonials. We write the narrative script, shoot, edit, add the required audio effects to elevate the visuals along with facilitating voiceover in multiple languages. The visuals range from cinematic interior shots to aerial shots of wide spaces along with a powerful narrative to aptly deliver a message which enlightens the audience about your business.
Green Screen live-action
If you want to produce catchy & interesting learning or instructional videos for your viewers, then green screen live-action video is the best option wherein we can graphically represent the subject matter while the instructor/presenter is addressing the audience.
Animation - 2D/3D
Some videos require 2D/3D representation of your product or concept which are bound to leave a visual impression in your audience’ minds and help sell your product with ease. Majority of 2D animation videos are used to showcase a story, concept or an anecdote to drive home the point. We also create 3D videos in a dedicated manner to help you portray your vision with style which are used to showcase real estate projects, gadgets, conceptual to-be products and so on.
Turning conversations held on online video conferencing or Zoom calls into presentable videos is an emerging trend as the world gets virtually closer day by day. We turn your existing recorded conversations into interesting videos with an added visual touch.
Motion graphics/Typography
Motion graphics have a great potential to put forth ideas, concepts & information in a simple yet effective manner. Such videos containing infographics, motion graphics can be a turning point for your brand. Sometimes words intermixed with catchy motions create a mesmerizing effect on viewers thereby conveying a simple yet powerful message. Such motion graphics/typography videos can be attention-grabbers which we create with utter finesse as well.
Photo montage
Do you have existing images that you want to convert into a montage of video along with interesting text transitions, graphical elements & audio? Then photo montage videos are the best option to do that. We make such videos with your images' visual journey & essence in mind.
Custom Requirements
Do you have a specialised need for your video or have a different kind of application of video for your project? Drop us a line and we will help you realise the same!
Shhh, we also do ghost video production for various agencies, meaning we help them create videos for their own regional & international clients with ease. Also, some of our video works fall under the confidential category since it deals with sensitive internal information & company processes of our clients. We keep such projects strictly confidential.

Graphic Designing

A design that has a person's attention has halfway gotten their interest in buying your product as well. We strive to make your potential audience fall in love with your company's brand designs, colors, shapes and aesthetic experience by renting out our brush strokes & minds for design thinking, logos, social media designs, product design, banner ads, presentations, etc.

Variety of graphic design services to make your brand stand out from the crowd
Logo Designing
Your brand’s logo represents your business’ design thinking approach and unknowingly makes people establish an opinion about your services in the beginning. Also, having a great logo helps you create great brand recognition on every platform out there. We design amazing logos for businesses and make sure that it generates conversation ripples in the market!
Digital business cards
Business cards have been a vision/style statement for professionals since almost a century. As we turn towards an increasingly digital & virtual world, your business should update itself too. Get your stylish & professional digital business cards from us so that you can send across your contact info in a compact design space!
Ads & Digital Banners
Digital ads & banners rule the internet - be it your website, be it for your blogs, be it for your online ads. We make sure that the ads & banners we create for your brand grab the attention of your potential clients who are browsing through the internet looking for what you offer.
Brochures & Flyers
Brochures & flyers are a traditional yet great way to reach out to your local & hyper-local target audience. Brochures & flyers can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes & layouts in order to stay relevant & unique. Give us your basic vision & message that you want to convey and we will create your brochures & flyers accordingly.
Social media posts
Designs for social media posts are the necessary fuel to keep your brand’s online journey going on a daily basis. Your social media platform is a vast design landscape and we help you fill in those design gaps with a unique blend of your brand’s vision & our graphic designing skills.
Presentations are the backbone of your company's internal communications with team members, stakeholders and customers. We design sleek & beautiful slides for your pitch decks, sales presentations, reports, action plan roadmaps, etc.
Custom Requirements
Do you have a specialised need for your brand designs or have a different kind of application of graphic designing for your project? Drop us a line and we will help you realise the same!

Content Writing

Words can weave magic for readers. It is true not only for fiction literature but also for your business's brand content. The written content of your product can leave a permanent mark in the minds of your potential customers. We at Antriksh pen down impactful content for websites, brochures, blogs, social media posts, etc. Also, name & tagline ideation is our speciality.

Let us make your brand’s content help you sell with ease!

Name & Tagline
Legendary brands have remarkable/unforgettable name & taglines that you just can’t seem to let go from your mind. We help your brand attain a wow effect for a first impression by coming up with a name & tagline your customers can’t overlook!
Blogs & Articles
Occasional outreach through blogs & articles concerning your services or important updates can be a great way to reach out to cold leads and increase your website’s organic traffic. We help you create such meaningful blogs & articles based on your domain’s current trends.
Research papers & case studies
You need to showcase your domain-specific research from time to time in order to keep your brand’s reliability factor high. Your key inputs combined with our articulate words will prove to be the best combination.
Website content
If you are creating your website & are looking for SEO-oriented content or if you are just looking to modify your website content to make it more user-friendly & impressive then you have come to the right place! We specialize in empathizing with your vision and align our writing skills to produce the optimum website content that will make your website complete in the true sense.
Highly creative ad copies make products/services sell like hot pancakes. Copywriting is the content that sells your brand image to your potential customers. We view copywriting as an art and we strive to provide you with the best possible copies for your ads, social media posts, product taglines, etc.
Need something you don’t see in our list? You can hit us up for a custom fix of content requirements.

Digital Marketing

Imagining a world without social media is impossible. It further makes having a strong social media presence a necessary criteria for your business. At Antriksh, you will be perfectly assisted in social media management, ad campaign management and a comprehensive digital strategy across all channels.

Ensure your social presence in style!

Social Footprint Audit
Not sure whether your brand’s online presence on various social media channels is appropriate? We can help you with a basic audit and prepare a report containing helpful points which can help you align your brand’s social media presence in the right manner.
Setting up social media presence
If your brand is new to the market or if your brand has not been established on social media channels yet, no need to worry! We set up your social media pages and optimise your profile along with providing you with a detailed set of instructions which can help you run your social media efforts smoothly even on your own.
Outlining digital strategy
Having a clear strategy in advance about how your brand should be showcased is of utmost importance, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Business, Pinterest, etc. depending on whichever digital channel is most relevant for you. We are your trusted digital strategy partners!
Scaling your business with campaigns
Once your brand has gathered enough organic traffic & followers, it is essential to explore the huge capacities social media has in terms of lead generation & brand awareness. We create & manage paid ad campaigns across digital channels to help your business grow.

Web Development

An immersive website is the first online digital address of your business. Having a coherent website with the right UI/UX parameters is a must. Our web development team strikes the perfect balance between creative and technical finesse to make your website an attractive address for your brand, whether it is static, dynamic or e-commerce. We also create apps along with web development.

Identify the kind of website you should have, based on your present business status

Start-up approach
If your business is a start-up or you are just starting out wherein you need a simple/one-pager website just for conveying information about your business and do not have to put out constant updates, then having a static website would be the best option. We help you out with such a website which can be later upgraded as your requirements change with time.
Service-oriented approach
Being a service provider, it is important to have a detailed website in order to make it easier for your customers to find you. Also, timely updation of your expertise on your website in the form of blogs/case studies is a must. In such a case, we can help you with setting up an amazing dynamic website along with facilitating an admin panel.
Product-oriented approach
If your business sells lots of products, then a dynamic website with online payment functionality is the minimum baseline you should aim for irrespective of whether you are a B2B or B2C company. Moreover, since your product range will need to be updated and selling online is the new way of retail, having an e-commerce website is the best way to go. We help you do the same.

Sound Production

Audio is the soul of visual communication that creates the desired impact on your audience. With a full-fledged sound studio dedicated to this mission, we provide all kinds of services related to sound/music ranging from music production, sound designing, mixing, arranging, mastering, dubbing, jingles, etc.

Helping you attain all your audio needs with our full-fledged sound studio

Having a memorable jingle for your product/brand is an asset that helps your ads attain a great brand recall value. Get a catchy jingle for your brand today and see your brand value rise with time on all digital platforms!
Music Production
It is not a solo act, it’s a collaboration of emotion & sound. We are capable of delivering a variety of music/audio tracks from multiple genres! We compose, arrange, mix & master along with doing 5.1 sound mixing.
Sound Designing & SFX
Add auditory creativity to your video/film projects with custom-designed soundscapes, background score and sound effects. Creating engaging sound effects and an immersive audio experience is our forte.
Dubbing & Foley
Get your video/audio projects dubbed in multiple regional & international languages as per timeline availability. We also provide audio foley services for your multiple video/film.

Brand Consultancy

Have you wondered about your brand's visual & digital identity status? Just like a quarterly analysis of your business, a regular check-up of your branding activities is essential to making the right mark. We perform a thorough analysis of your business and present the best action plan to boost your business through a consolidated visual media & digital strategy.

Step-wise roadmap to making your brand scale up!

Brand Audit
If we are crossing paths for the first time and you want us to collaborate with you afresh, we provide thorough brand audit services for your business in order to identify the pain points that are hindering the full potential of your business growth and present to you a detailed report of the same.
Action Plan Suggestion
After a detailed brand audit, it is important to have a clear & revised action plan to pivot your business and attain the desired results. Our team studies your business and domain in detail to come up with a step-wise action plan to help your brand scale up to the best possible level.
Quarterly Brand Analysis
After having broken down your brand goals into attainable baby steps, it is essential to analyse the results & hindrances every quarter in order to have a reality check. Such a quarterly brand analysis performed by us is our responsibility as your dedicated branding partner.