Landing on Antriksh



To scale up subscriptions & add a new visual edge to teaching material


Majority of teaching at Skilledge was being conducted in classrooms, seminars & face-to-face sessions.

Skilledge ideated the vision to make their courses agile & easy-to-access. They started with live online classes as well in order to accommodate a larger number of attendees.


Skilledge & Antriksh jointly came up with the idea to turn the teaching materials into green-screen live action videos.

Then we prepared final video modules for each course which ranged from different domains like Excel, Retail, Banking, Soft Skills, etc. with the right storyboarding, editing & sound design.

Skilledge uploaded the courses on their website and thereby eliminated the need for the instructors to be present in person or live online classes while teaching that particular course material.


Skilledge is a new-age skilling company focused on making college students & professionals aptly skilled for the domain they are targeting. Skilledge marches ahead with a unique combo of live classes + recorded courses and we at Antriksh are supporting the vision of Skilledge to upskill & make India’s youth truly job-ready!

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Note : The courses we work on for Amphenol are strictly confidential. No part of their videos is publicly uploaded by us. However you can check out the amazing courses by Skilledge on their website which boasts of prestigious & top-rated mentors.