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Skills Vs. Degree

Gone are the days when people could bag a job solely on the basis of a degree. In this ultra fast digital world, they need to have skills more than a degree. But does that mean that the prestigious value of earning a degree is only a false hope of getting a job in this brand new era? Stay with us to find out.

Come to think of it, people don’t call ‘degree college’ a honeymoon period for no reason. A lot of colleges do not really teach what is needed in the actual industry. Several people get a job due to some additional courses they do apart from their degree. What’s more, people change their streams or you can say jobs, solely on the basis of their skills. Some realize their calling early, before they get a degree. Such people leave their college halfway to pursue their dream job and are called ‘dropouts’. However, there’s also a group of people who realize their field of interest later in their life. Such people stand out based on their skillset. The more people think about it, the more they realize that the money and time they invested to earn a degree is not worth it after all.

However, there are some perks of getting a degree from a college. People talk, they get acquainted with each other which further increases and magnifies their network. These people further turn out to be a good influence on each other’s career or work life. Going to a college also enhances one's communication abilities in various ways. Additionally, people come across a number of scenarios that mould them into a better human being. But one of the most vital perks of having a degree is gaining access to placements. On the contrary, speaking of India’s condition, not all students who graduate also get a job from college placements.

Speaking of cracking a job interview in India, several companies that hire bulk candidates, set a certain criteria (60% aggregate throughout) even before giving a green flag to appear for an interview. Considering this, a lot of people who are actually skilled stay jobless just because they couldn’t get a degree or have scored less than 60%. All the aforementioned pointers depict that even if a degree does not hold real importance, you need to have it for getting a job. Remember, the war between ‘a degree or a skill to get a job’ is far from over.

Back in 2019, billionaire Elon Musk declared that his company’s employees need not necessarily have a degree. When asked about it recently, he said he stood firm with his belief. Likewise, it is not mandatory to have a college degree to work in software giants like Google and Microsoft. Even now, people graduate from one field and yet work in some other field of their choice like we mentioned earlier. Skills are always considered superior to having a degree. Even though a degree can get you a job, a skill is what offers you growth in any field. Well, does that mean the future holds something much more fascinating for companies and employment?

The answer to this is yes. Several companies have also started seeking skills over a degree, even in a developing country like India. Antriksh is a prominent example of this. A Content Executive here is a graduate from a computer field. Likewise, a Senior Editor here comes from a commerce background. In the foreseeable future, we aim to expand and hire even more employees solely on the foundation of gauging their skills.

Just like Antriksh, several other companies across the globe are trying to get a place in this paradigm shift from getting a job based on a degree to getting a job based on skills. Again, the path to get a skill-based job will not be a cakewalk as the stereotype of getting a job based on your degree has been here for ages.

So, to sum it all up, ‘having skills’ will always be superior to ‘having a degree’. But, in order to survive in the professional industry, not only Indian but also Global, people should focus on strengthening their skills as well as getting a degree. As of now, both skills and a degree together can help people get past the river of unemployment.

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