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What’s in a name?

Naming your business or a product or a service can be a tough task. It is easy to get misled looking at all the flashy & popular brand names out there. Your brand name doesn’t feel like it is the best one at the beginning because it is a fairly new name and it takes time to gain some attention and for your brand name to catch on in the market.

An easy-to-remember, unforgettable & catchy name is of course the primary requisite while deciding on a brand name. It hooks people to engage with your business furthermore.

When deciding on the name of your business or a product/service, aim for names that are uniquely yours and fairly easy to pronounce. Don't compare your brand with international brands and look to copy their style. Your brand name is yours and it gets popular with time as more and more people get connected with it. The language, origin, pronunciation can be of your choosing. Make sure it is aligned with your business vision.

Once you prepare a final shortlist of names, crosscheck each name with available domains and trademark registry to ensure none of it is taken. Take feedback about your list from people who fall under the category of your future potential customers to judge how they feel about this new brand name.

It is great if you can come up with a great brand name on your own! But if you feel you need assistance in getting your brand name right and really creative then do get in touch with a creative media agency because your brand name is to stay here forever. Ensure that your inputs and parameters are taken into consideration by the agency while ideating the perfect brand name.

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